In a recording, the sound characteristics of voice, instrument and room acoustics are captured all at once. When you play the same recording back at home, your room acoustics colors the sound with reflections, time delays and frequency anomalies of its own.  It has been said that the largest distortion in your audio system is your room acoustics and this may not be far from the truth.

Many speakers try to control the directional characteristics of the speaker. The challenge is, how to control directional characteristics at all frequencies equally…



Recipient of the 2012 CES Innovations Award in High Performance Audio, The Raven Bard is a compact stand mount speaker with performance beyond expectations for it’s small size. The curved cabinet profile bends light so that it looks much smaller and blends more easily into room décor. The teardrop shape is aesthetically interesting as well as critical to the acoustic performance.

No compromises are made when selecting which components to use in our products. When we could not find a tweeter with low enough distortion we designed our own: the Raven Pure Ribbon Driver…



The Raven Menhir is a very unique design. Most large speakers can be very dynamic, but the Menhir is also very delicate, intimate and precise.

The Raven R3.2MMX ribbon covers all midrange and treble above 800 Hz. This is the most critical range for imaging and intelligibility. Covering this entire frequency range with a single ribbon is important to a coherent presentation. The special MMX ribbon material is 6 times stronger than common aluminum so it is very robust and can play much louder without distortion…