XL Subwoofers

The Raven 10XL subwoofer is designed to produce very deep bass at realistic levels in a remarkably compact cabinet with extremely low distortion, minimum compression and fast transient response. We recommend typically 1 cuft sealed enclosure ( F3 = 42 Hz), or 3 cuft vented enclosure (F3 = 22 Hz). The Qts and rugged suspension make it also quite ideal for use in a transmission line.


The Raven Point Source (Designed by ORCA · Made in California) is an extraordinarily unique high-frequency drive unit.  For countless years, the audiophile community has seen a lively discussion between those vying for dome tweeters, and those vying for ribbon tweeters. We definitely recognize the unequal virtues of ribbon tweeters as being almost immaterial in terms of weight, and we also recognize the virtues of dome tweeters when it comes to dispersion and power handling. So we thought the best would really be to have both at the same time! This is how we imagined a pure ribbon transducer: a ribbon diaphragm that would roughly exhibit the same area as a dome tweeter and thus present a similar type of dispersion, but with the extraordinary advantages of being a pure ribbon.



The Raven Line Source (Designed by ORCA – Made in California) is a very unique mid and high frequency drive unit; unique in what it does, and unique in the technical solutions involved to achieve that performance.  It is always a dilemma difficult to resolve for any speaker designers: where and how to cross over between the midrange and the high frequency drive units. No high frequency unit really does anything useful below a typical 2000 Hz or at the very best 1500 Hz, and most if not all midrange units cannot pretend to produce anything credible, and even less so when we talk about high end ambition, into frequencies higher than 5000 Hz or even 10000 Hz. So here it is, there is a need for two different drive units to cover that all so sensitive range, and that also means the necessity to use a crossover, with all the problems it brings relating to phase shift, level adjustment, matching dispersion patterns, etc… Great designers will come out of this but it is, no matter how we put it, one more compromise to handle as best as we can. Here we removed the dilemma and we open wide a new range of natural sound and dynamics. The Raven LINE SOURCe covers just by itself the huge range of 800 Hz to well over 40 KHz, and does it beautifully. We detail below how we came to that, but what is already important is to realize how uniquely harmonious will sound a speaker that is seamless on that all so crucial range.