2011 CES Innovations Award

The Raven Design Studio “Ebb” Speaker


2012 CES Innovations Award

The Raven Design Studio “Bard” Speaker


“The sound is beautifully balanced and serves up a remarkable amount of inner detail.  Raven is a company to watch.”

Chris Martens - The Perfect Vision, October 2009

“Aerial’s ribbon tweeter is an extraordinarily clean-sounding transducer… lacked any kind of grain or metallic edge, offering the same kind of silkiness you get from a mid-hall seat at a concert.  It was also very low in conventional harmonic distortion… This is better linearity than some power amplifiers!”

John Atkinson - Stereophile, November 2009

“I heard much more detail from the ribbon tweeter than I had heard before from any dome tweeter, but it was never harsh or in your face.”

Jim Swantko - Home Theater Review, December 2010

“…the best single-element true ribbons I’ve heard…”

Harry Pearson - The Absolute Sound, February 2011

“The Raven tweeter endears itself to me.  It has the ability to be alternatingly silky smooth or scapula sharp… both at the same time.”

Doeg Schroeder - Dagogo, September 2011